Whistler High Note Trail

The Whistler High Note Trail was certainly a high note of my Summer 2016. One of only a few hikes I’ve done solo, I chose High Note Trail because it is located on Whistler Mountain and I felt safe hiking here on my own. It also promised unparalleled views of Cheakamus Lake.

My great adventure began with meandering through the impressive snow walls.


…Only to realize I was on the wrong path when I saw fellow hikers down below, traversing across Symphony Bowl.


I found myself back on track and reached the Cheakamus Lake Lookout, which did not disappoint.


The only difficult section of the trail was along this stretch, where you have to pull yourself up onto a rock and then lower yourself onto a metal walkway. Thankfully, there is a rope to assist.


I asked a stranger along the route if they could take a photo of me because I had just done the trip on my own. They were impressed!

I finally reached the lodge and enjoyed a hot bowl of chicken teriyaki in the cafeteria before taking the Peak to Peak across to Blackcomb and then riding the chairlift down to the Village. All in all, I would highly recommend this trail as a great day trip.

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