Go That way! Bratislava & Vienna 2019

Spontaneity reigned when I made the decision to join Harry in Bratislava for a weekend in March! Having booked my flight the night before, I arrived in Bratislava late Friday night after classes. A delayed flight, a 40-minute wait in the customs line, and a cab ride that I overpaid for-later, I met Harry at the Bukowski Bar, a very funky, dungeon-esque spot where we caught up on the past few weeks.

“Chlo, I have an idea,” He said. As the trip had been his plan with me tagging along at the last minute, I was open to anything. “There really isn’t all that much to see here, I think we could cover everything in one day. I suggest we take the train tomorrow morning and spend the day in Vienna.”

How could I argue with a plan like that? We caught the train the next morning, and our first order of business was the Museum Quartier. We started with the modern Monuk, followed by lunch at a cafe, and the more traditional Leopold Museum of Art. Both were beautiful galleries, but the Monuk was my favourite.

We walked into the busy main square of Vienna, watching passersby and their dogs from a patio. Heather, who had been in Vienna last month, suggested we rent scooters and go for a scoot along the Danube. We happily obliged. I was ALL smiles as we weaved through the streets of Vienna, down the bike path along the infamous river. Harry was much more confident and speedier than I was on the scooters, but suddenly, I felt myself filled with the urge to go faster! I whipped passed Harry, pleased with myself for doing so. It wasn’t long before I heard “Chlo! Chloe!” I got myself turned around and realised the only reason I had been able to get such a lead on Harry was because his scooter’s battery had died!

We hunted down new scooters, both with full batteries, and made our way to the market. By this time, it was getting dark and we were still full from lunch, so opted for wine and cheese at a little market shop. I think we were served all the cheese in Austria, there was so much of it! Next, we headed to Caffe Ritter, on foot this time, where we shared a slice of Sachertorte. Indulgence, we joked, was the theme of the trip!

On Sunday morning, we headed to brunch at an awesome, funky cafe in Bratislava near the Airbnb we were staying in. The Airbnb itself, a studio in the heart of Bratislava, was the very definition of cool and funky, with plenty of space for the both of us, a bookshelf of handy guidebooks, and a spotlessly clean kitchen. The hosts were incredibly accommodating, as well.

We went to the Museum of City History, where Slovakian grannies pointed us in the directions in which the exhibition threaded through the building. The final part of the exhibit Torture Museum display – it was not for the faint of heart!

We walked down to the Danube and onto a docked boat-restaurant where we sat for a drink and soaked up the sun. We agreed it was the ideal day for an ice cream, and what followed was the most ornate ice cream shop I may ever experience, called Arthur. We ate our ice cream cones en route to the castle, where an entire afternoon was spent wandering the ornate displays and halls of the castle. It was beautifully curated, with no expense or detail spared.

Our time in Bratislava concluded with dinner at Modra Hviezda. The restaurant was in the depths of a crumbling building and we sat right in a little cave-like crevasse. Red wine, potato bread dumplings, and lots of laughter ensued. Just like that, our spontaneous adventure came to an end, but it was a trip I will remember fondly, always.


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