West Highland Way | Day 6

And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.


September 18, 2019

2:39 PM and I’ve just sat down with a mug of tea at the end of the West Highland Way! That’s right…I did the thing I set out to do. I feel resilient, unstoppable, proud, sore, elated, exhausted, and more connected with myself and my goals than I have ever been.

Today was certainly the most challenging on the trail. I was caught in a constant mental tug-of-war; torn between wanting to enjoy and revel in the experience…and yearning for it to be over and done with for the sake of my aching shoulders and numb toes. I know that once this sticky sweat and soreness is gone, I will be wishing that I was back on the trail… or better yet, onto the next one.


Following my cup of celebratory tea at the ORIGINAL end of the West Highland Way, I learned that there is a SECOND end to the trail, at the far end of Fort William! So, on I trekked. Ending in Gordon Square, I took a photo with the “Man with Sore Feet” statue – a WHW tradition. I was in good company walking along the Fort William high street as fellow WHW-ers hobbled about the souvenir shops. My next stop was the bookshop, where I could not help but indulge in a new book. Further indulgences included a hot chocolate at the Wildcat and a mushroom pizza at the Grub and Gruel.

Jackie and Anne, my motorcycling friends from the hostel in Rowendennan, messaged me to say that they too were in Fort William! After I checked into my hostel for the night, I changed and headed back down to the Grub and Gruel to join them for a drink. We raised our whiskey’s to toast to new friendships, adventures, and my successful completion of the WHW.

As I lay awake in my bunk, I am looking forward to a few things that tomorrow will bring:

  • A hot shower
  • The clean bedding I washed and made my bed with before I left
  • A cup of tea
  • Netflix
  • Washing my face
  • Doing my laundry
  • Did I mention a hot shower?
  • Planning the next trek!

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