Hello from Chlo!

Hello, and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

One evening in December 2018, my sisters and I found our old diaries amongst our most cherished possessions while home for Christmas. What followed was an evening of laugh-so-hard-you-cry hilarity as we took turns reading out loud our deepest thoughts and observations of the world at various stages and ages of our childhoods. Through many cringe-worthy soliloquies we giggled, and in doing so, I was reminded just how much personal writing has always been part of my life.

The following blog has been revitalised as a means to diarise my travels. What started out as a project to share my adventures through the BC Backcountry evolved to document the “Year of Yes”, which marked a period in my life in which I sold most of my worldly possessions, threw the rest in storage, and booked a one-way ticket to the United Kingdom, where I completed my Master of Science in International Business. My experience as a grad student opened a whole new world of opportunities, and soon the Year of Yes gave way to a new chapter of my life as a Canadian living abroad.

I am sure that, one day, I’ll be seated around the living room fireplace once again, clad in pyjamas and fuelled by tea as my sisters and I cackle away reading about our past adventures. I hope that these entries bring just as much joy to our future selves as our paper journals did that Christmas.