My Own Backyard

30739153_10156335699183466_6450119509322760192_nMy childhood summers were spent at the family cabin on Denman Island, a remote northern gulf island off the coast of Vancouver. There, my grandparents would take my sisters, cousins and I for nature walks on a daily basis, meandering through the forests or along the rocky shoreline. During the school year, Squamish, BC, was home, and my friends, Jenn and William, and I would race our bikes along the bank of the Mamquam river. Thanks to Girl Guides, I picked up a few skills that would have come in handy had our little trio ever got into trouble: I knew what to do if we were ever to cross paths with a cougar, and how to tie a reef knot.


My passion for nature and backcountry camping has only grown since I donned OshKosh B’gosh and carried a pair of orange binoculars around my neck. I have been lucky to have many like-minded friends. This section of my blog is dedicated to those friends and those adventures, and I hope will inspire others to learn more about backcountry travel. #ChlosBackcountryBistro would love to host you!